Five Easy Ways to Introduce Meditation and Mindfulness in Your Life

Hi guys! This post is from my lovely friend Jennifer from Help Mama Meditate! I’ll be sharing more and more posts from some great fellow bloggers, so make sure you stay tuned for new insights on mindful living, and on how to lead a healthy lifestyle! In today’s post, Jennifer will be showing us 5 easy ways to introduce Meditation Practice in our life. Keep reading for her helpful and mindful tips! Continue reading “Five Easy Ways to Introduce Meditation and Mindfulness in Your Life”


5-Minute Gentle Morning Yoga

Here is the scene: 7 am, your alarm goes off, you haphazardly roll in bed, tentatively reaching round, seeking the source of the bothering sound. You yawn, stretch out a bit, then slowly allow your eyes to get used to the daylight. A moment or two to put yourself together…and it appears! The never-ending scroll of things to do, perpetually tapping your thoughts. The day is so busy, and so full of commitments, that you can already feel the stress sinuously taking over your body before you can even step out of your bed. If this is you…don’t worry just yet. You found the right blog post for you! Continue reading “5-Minute Gentle Morning Yoga”