Book Club: Blackberry Wine – Thoughts, Reflections & Live Book Club Chat

Happy belated Easter guys! How have you all been?

I am sorry for the slight delay with blog posts, but I promise I’ll be soon back on track!  Continue reading “Book Club: Blackberry Wine – Thoughts, Reflections & Live Book Club Chat”

Book Club: Blackberry Wine Q&A

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Hello guys! How have you been? I have a confession to make…I’m loving Blackberry Wine so so much!!! I honestly can’t put it down, and I am so happy because, to be honest, this hasn’t happened to me in a while. Continue reading “Book Club: Blackberry Wine Q&A”


Book Club: Our next read is…

Hello dear friends, and Happy Thursday! How have you all been doing? Ready to find out our next read?

The book I picked for our March Book Club Challenge is Joanne Harris’ novel Blackberry Wine. Continue reading “Book Club: Our next read is…”