Five Easy Ways to Introduce Meditation and Mindfulness in Your Life

Hi guys! This post is from my lovely friend Jennifer from Help Mama Meditate! I’ll be sharing more and more posts from some great fellow bloggers, so make sure you stay tuned for new insights on mindful living, and on how to lead a healthy lifestyle! In today’s post, Jennifer will be showing us 5 easy ways to introduce Meditation Practice in our life. Keep reading for her helpful and mindful tips! Continue reading “Five Easy Ways to Introduce Meditation and Mindfulness in Your Life”


Healthy Habits: Eating healthy & seasonally

If you’re really passionate about eating healthy and having a low environmental impact with your food choices, eating seasonally is the best thing you can do. Visiting a local farmer’s market is usually the best way to start building awareness of what is seasonally growing in your area. Continue reading “Healthy Habits: Eating healthy & seasonally”

5 easy & realistic ways to save money in your Twenties

When it comes to saving money, there is no better moment to start saving than…right now.

Going through my twenties, and facing the inevitable teaching path of trial and error, I have now learnt a few tips to help me become a little more ‘financially smart’. It is true, financial stability doesn’t come overnight, and you definitely have to work for it. Continue reading “5 easy & realistic ways to save money in your Twenties”