Book Club: The Master and Margarita – Review & Live Book Club Chat

Hi guys! How has your Summer been? I hope you all had a wonderful time, and that you’re all feeling happy and recharged.

The day of our Instagram Live Book Club Chat on the The Master and Margarita has finally arrived! Make sure you tune in at 5 pm (GMT+1) to join us on the Chat!

I really enjoyed taking Bulgakov’s novel around with me this August. It was such a smart, witty, provocative and pictorial companion to walk me through my summer days. The book made me laugh, think, imagine and question an infinite number of things in a direction I wouldn’t have expected it to… But without getting way too cryptic in this intro, let me talk you through my review. 



The Master and Margarita is a visionary, evocative and metaphoric novel by Russian writer Mikhail Bulgakov. It took the writer over 12 years to complete (1928-1940), and it was only published posthumous in its uncensored version thirty-three years later in 1973. The book tells the adventures, misadventures and mischiefs of the Devil’s clique in atheistic Moscow.

Under the pretence of being an expert of dark magic, and introducing himself as professor Woland, the Devil observes, studies, provokes & ridicules Moscow’s citizen’s behaviour. More specifically he really tackles the intellectual elite, observing how their potential is being ‘castrated’ by unquestioning, dogmatic atheistic beliefs.

I thoroughly enjoyed being led in Bulgakov’s magical world. A world in which witchcraft and metaphysical powers intermingle with money, authority, religion, privilege, and art. A world in which the role of the artists and of the intellectuals is spurred and questioned continuously.

It is my personal belief that the author somehow projected his feelings, hopes and beliefs in many a one of his different characters. More specifically, his anger and his willingness to rebel and fight authority, in the role of Margarita. His frustration and feeling of powerlessness, in the role of the Master. And his craving for change in the role of the Devil itself.


What are your thoughts on the novel? Let me know in the comments below! I would really love to start a conversation with you here! 

If you need a little help with staying on track with the characters whilst reading the book, I found this website incredibly useful.

I hope to see you all around on Instagram today at 5 pm (GMT+1).

I wish you all a wonderful day!

Bye for now!


Elly, XO

P.S. You can order your copy of The Master and Margarita here.

P.P.S. Should you be sharing pictures of you reading along with us on Instagram, do remember to hashtag #ellysdiarybc so we can all find and support each other during this ride!


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