Book Club: Our next read is…

Hello dear friends, and Happy Thursday! How have you all been doing? Ready to find out our next read?

The book I picked for our March Book Club Challenge is Joanne Harris’ novel Blackberry Wine. I am so excited about starting this book, as Joanne Harris has always been one of my favourite authors ever. Chocolat and The Lollipop Shoes have revolutionised my way of seeing myself as a strong independent woman exploring the world. So I do hope this read will be a great one too, and that you guys will start loving her just as much as I do.

If you are going to participate in my Book Club Challenge on Blackberry Wine, please read up to chapter 33 by March 15th.

On the 15th of March I will be posting a few reading questions for you to answer, and I’ll announce the date of our April Live Book Club Chat on this book.

I will let the synopsis on the back of the book introduce you to this read, hoping it will lead you into Harris’ world of magic…

Wine talks. Everyone knows that.

Jay Mackintosh is trapped by memory in the old familiar landscape of his childhood, to which he longs to return. A bottle of home-brewed wine left to him by a long-vanished friend seems to provide the key to an old mystery. As long as the unusual properties of the strange brew take effect, Jay escapes to a derelict farmhouse in the French village of Lansquenet.

There, a ghost from the past waits to confront him, and the reclusive Marise – haunted, lovely and dangerous – hides a terrible secret behind her closed shutters. Between them, a mysterious chemistry. Or could it be magic?

Let me know if you will be reading Blackberry Wine with me by leaving a comment below.

I am thrilled to read Blackberry Wine with you guys!

Happy reading! And stay tuned for more updates!

Bye for now! Have a wonderful month!


Elly, XO

PS: you can get your copy of Blackberry Wine here.

PPS: Don’t forget my Instagram Live Book Club Chat chat on The Yellow World! I will be chatting live with you guys on the 4th of March at 6pm (GMT+1). See you there! Follow me on Twitter for a little reminder beforehand.


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