Mini Tour-guide of VEGAN Rome

Ciao a tutti! (‘Hello everyone’ in Italian)

How are all you guys? At the end of January I had the lucky opportunity to spend 5 full days in my hometown Rome, and I thought it was the perfect chance to start my travelling blogging series there! The sun was shining, and the weather was mild, and I got to see all my childhood friends, and carry them around the entire city exploring vegan restaurants to share with you guys.

So the first thing that I discovered, is there aren’t that many vegan restaurants in Rome… Romans seem to be very attached to their traditional food, so veganism and vegetarianism don’t really seem to spread out. However, I must say that most restaurants in Rome are more than happy to serve you a yummy vegan or vegetarian meal.

Anyhow, all the restaurants that I reviewed down here are either 100% vegan, or vegan/vegetarian. I’ve enjoyed them all, and recommend them all.





Via Virginia Agnelli, 96/98 – 00151 Rome

A yummy veggie corner in South West Rome. Although probably not the trendiest restaurant you can find in town, my experience there was definitely great. Both my sister and I really enjoyed their vegan re-interpretation of traditional roman dishes, and would definitely recommend it to whoever wanted to try a cruelty-free version of the classical local food.

LIZARD1In the pictures: Scaloppine al Limone – Straccetti agli agrumi – Crumble di Mele e Pere.

Bus lines: 31/44



Via delle Sette Chiese, 160 – 00145 Rome

A cosy nook. A tiny little restaurant with a homey ambience owned and managed by the Sabbatini sisters. Soft jazz music accompanied our meal, and we were welcomed on arrival with a complimentary glass of prosecco. Although the restaurant still appears online as vegetarian, the menu we were brought was 100% vegan. The food was well presented and delicious. Reservation is strongly recommended. Despite it being a bit of a hassle to get there by bus, it is definitely worth a visit!


In the pictures: Chicche di Patate al Pesto di Pistacchi – Millefoglie di Patate, Pistacchi e Mandorle – Crostata di Visciole.

Bus line: 30



Via Giuseppe Gioacchino Belli, 142 – 00193 Rome

This is the first vegetarian restaurant I have ever tried in Rome. Right in the city centre, it’s at ten minutes walking distance from the Vatican Museum. If you are planning a trip to one of Rome’s busiest shopping streets, Via Cola di Rienzo, this is the perfect lunch stop for you. The food is mostly vegetarian, with only a few vegan options, but the deliciousness and the abundance of the meals, really makes up for the shortage of choices.


In the pictures: Spaghetti di Zucchine – Green – Patate al forno

Bus line: 30



Via Francesco Negri, 15 – 00154 Rome

Love, love, LOVE! Probably the best vegan restaurant I have tried so far. A gourmet vegan experience at affordable prices, in the lively student neighbourhood of Ostiense-Garbatella. Romeow Cat Bistrot is the cutest little café for cat lovers to visit. Everything on the menu was vegan, and everything I tried was delicious and extremely pleasing to the eye. The décor was cosy, stylish and classy, and there was a definite creative vibe in the air. Well-behaved home cats would wander around, or lazily snooze off in the warm roman sun. Surely a must visit, but as it’s not open every day, reservation is strongly advised.

RomeowIn the pictures: Spaghetto Verrigni con macadamia, pepe muntok e scorsa di bergamotto – Tempeh al rosmarino su crema e chips di topinambur – Crostata di faro con marmellata

Bus lines: 23/30


-°- THE END -°-


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my Mini Tour Guide of Vegan Rome, and that it has given you some useful ideas for your future travels there.

If you live in Rome, or have ever been to Rome, and discovered some other special vegan restaurants that I haven’t mentioned here, please do share and let me know in the comments below!

 I hope you are all having a wonderful day!


Elly, XO


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