Book Club: ‘The Yellow World’ – Q&A Part 1

Hello everyone and happy weekend! Welcome to my very first Q&A for our February Book Club read: The Yellow World by Albert Espinosa. How are you guys finding the book so far?

Personally, I’ll have to admit, that the book is very different from what I expected at first. I knew it was a motivational essay, but I had no idea it revolved around the author’s life experiences fighting against cancer. The book has already made me think, laugh and cry. I look forwards to keep reading to find out who the ‘Yellows’ are, and what ‘The Yellow World’ really is.

Here are a few reading questions that cover the first 73 pages of the book. If you haven’t read that far, dive into The Yellow World right now, and join back here once you get there.


  1. So far the book has mostly been autobiographical. What aspect of Albert Espinosa’s life do you find the most surprising?
  2. Out of the ‘8 discoveries’ we’ve read so far, which one speaks the most to you?
  3. Is there any part of the book you feel a certain resistance to?
  4. Which of the quotes introducing each ‘discovery’ speaks to you the most?
  5. Is there any life lesson in the book that is already resonating with you?

Here are my answers…

  1. I personally found extremely eye-opening his comment about not being upset about having lost ‘material things’ along his journey. This, out of context, is an affirmation I’d normally have no problem understanding, feeling, and agreeing with. However, what really shook me about it, was Espinosa’s incredible mental shift on what he managed to perceive as material things, during his fight against cancer: one of his legs, and one of his lungs…
  2. The Sixth Discovery is probably the one that speaks to me the most. I do agree that it is crucial to keep track of what makes you laugh, smile, gets you thrilled and keeps you happy. We often spend way too much time giving importance to what brings us down, instead of actively spending time focusing on what lifts us up.
  3. I am having a bit of a problem accepting the concept exposed in the Second Discovery: “the word – pain – doesn’t exist”. I am probably unable to fully understand the meaning behind this lesson right now. However, I will keep interrogating myself about the ‘misuse’, in our daily lives, of the word pain.
  4. The quote that touched me the most is without a doubt the one introducing the First Discovery: “Give your leg a goodbye party. Invite all the people that have some connection to your leg and give it a great send-off. Hasn’t it supported you all your life? Well, support it now that it’s walking away”.
  5. Although it is not explicitly a life lesson exposed in the book so far, I am impressed at how many discoveries Espinosa made just through talking to people. He spoke to everyone. People of all kinds, backgrounds and ages. He listened to what they had to say. He took notes. He remembered. He made promises. He learnt. This tells me how important making connections is. How important it is to reach out to people apparently so different from you, to hear what they have to say.

Now it’s your turn to answer the 5 questions and leave your answers in the comments below!

 Our next Q&A will be on the 19th of February, and will cover the book until page 143.

Can’t wait to hear from you!

Happy reading!


Elly XO

PS: you can get your copy of The Yellow World here.


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