10 ideas for a fun weekend on your own

Travelling the world for my job has taught me one of the things I most feared as a child: how to spend time on my own.

While still nothing compares to quality time spent with family, friends, and my loved ones, I have slowly learnt how to make the most, and appreciate time on my own.

Here are my top ten suggestions for weekend activities you can do by yourself. I hope you’ll enjoy reading this, and maybe find some good ideas.

  1. Finish that project

Finish Project

Nothing feels more rewarding than finally finishing off that something that’s been put off for ages. Whether it’s a school project, a chore you have to do, an idea in development, an artwork you started, or a favour you promised a friend…DO IT NOW!

You’ll feel accomplished and proud as soon as you’ve finished it, and you’ll feel happy and recharged for any other activity you plan to do on the weekend.

  1. Exercise


It is no mystery that exercise is one of the key elements in practicing self-care. Movement boosts your energy level, it improves your mood, and it relieves stress.

We don’t all have to run a marathon, or be Olympic level athletes, but we do all owe it to ourselves to stay fit and healthy. Find out what works for you. I discovered Yoga a few years ago and never looked back. What I love about it, is that you only need a Yoga mat, and you can practice basically anywhere, for free. But it might not be the thing for you. Experiment, try out different activities, go out for a run, try some of the free accessible workouts you can find online to do at home. But ‘treat’ yourself to it, it will boost your confidence, improve your sleep quality, and will genuinely make you feel happier.

  1. Try new recipes

New recipe

Indulge yourself by making a dish you love.

You know that amazing curry from the Indian restaurant? That delicious Thai soup? That incredible pasta dish? That mouth-watering cake from your local coffee shop?

Try making it! This is your chance to learn. You won’t have to worry about letting your guests down if it goes wrong, and if it goes right you get to eat it all yourself! How amazing is that?

You can of course freeze part of it, and pull it out of the freezer when you get a craving for it.

Treat yourself to food you love, and enjoy the process of making it! Who knows? You might become a cooking pro in the meanwhile.

  1. Pamper yourself


Being alone gives you the chance to cuddle yourself a little. Taking care of yourself is by far the best therapy in the world.

Transform your home into your own little wellness retreat:

  • Stock up on water and hot herbal tea;
  • Give yourself a luxurious homemade facial treatment;
  • Light up a scented candle, burn some incense, or pour a few drops of essential oil in your diffuser.
  • Grab a book, a magazine or journal…and relax!
  1. Go for a walk in nature


Take a hike. Immerse yourself in nature.

People who spend time outdoors tend to be happier, healthier, and more creative. You don’t necessarily need to climb Mount Everest or explore Kyoto’s ethereal Bamboo Grove to feel the benefits nature has on your body and soul. Find your local city park, and go for a soothing walk outside. A thirty minute hike outdoors is already enough to feel your whole body relax, and stress & tension melt away.

  1. Take yourself on a date


Leave shyness behind, and treat yourself to a very special date:

  • Go to your favourite coffee shop, treat yourself to something, and bring a book or a journal along;
  • Explore a local market;
  • Go to the movies or theatre;
  • Go to an art event and even consider taking part in some activity they organize.

Do whatever you wish to do, that makes you feel happy, safe and confident. There is no other rule. You have no one else to please.

Indulge yourself and don’t feel selfish about it. Treat yourself like the princess or prince that you are.

  1. Read a book

Read book

“You are never alone when you are reading a book.”

– Susan Wiggs

Books can be your best companions. Getting lost in a book is one of the most magical experiences you can have. They can lift you out from an empty home, and transport you somewhere else entirely.

Just 6 minutes of reading can reduce stress by 60%.

Not only reading helps you expand your vocabulary, improve your communication skills and develop your analytical ones, it can also make you explore a whole new world outside your own, for as long as you keep turning pages.

  1. Start a project

Start Project

You might not consider yourself an ‘artistic type’, but there is a creative side to every single one of us. Tap into it, and allow it to come out and play.

It might be trying out that DIY project you saw on Pinterest the other night, or maybe upcycling an old piece of furniture. Experiment with paint, write a book, try making a piece of jewellery, start that lifestyle blog you’ve been thinking about for ages…

Not only it will lighten up your day and make you feel proud, it will also sharpen your creative abilities, which in turn will give you a fresh new perspective on life.

  1. Watch a movie, or binge on your favourite TV show


This is by default the favourite weekend activity when stuck home alone.

Make it a wonderful experience for yourself, and maybe even set up the mood…

Dim the lights, burn some incense, and have some of your favourite snacks ready at hand.

There is really no way to do this wrong. Grab a drink, wrap a blanket around yourself…and enjoy.

  1. Rekindle Friendships


When we are super busy, some friendships can unfortunately fall by the wayside.

Having free time on the weekend gives us the perfect opportunity to get back in touch with those friends that have drifted away.

Call your long distance buddy and get caught up on all the news. Have a heart to heart with a dear friend you haven’t spoken to in a while. Surprise a childhood pal with a handmade card. Reconsider even going back to snail mail…no text message compares to a handwritten letter that arrives full of love in your mailbox.

Do you have any other suggestion on how to spend a lovely weekend on you own?

Please do share. I’d love to hear from you.

 Have an amazing weekend!


Elly XO


Author: Elly's Diary

Hi everyone! Welcome to Elly's Diary. This is a safe space in which I share the experiences and discoveries I'm making during this life long journey towards living mindfully. I am by no means, nor intend to be seen as a guru. I am just a girl on her personal quest, happy to share her adventure. If you love nature, plant based hearty food, yoga, dance and fashion, you'll feel 100% at home here. I'm a 31 years old professional dancer and Yoga Alliance registered teacher. I love writing about everything that resonates with me, and I am happy to share what I'm learning.

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